Labor and Employment Consultancy

Labor and Employment Consultancy
  • General consultancy for the full compliance of labor and employment obligations.
  • Review of subcontracting structures and service providers, for the compliance of the labor requirements.
  • Consulting and handling personnel transfers.
  • Due diligence on labor matters for the identification and mitigation of risks.
  • Design and implementation of labor benefits plans for employees.
  • Assessment and compliance on labor laws, including USMCA provisions.
  • Drafting and reviewing of incentive compensation and stock awards plans.
  • Implementation of internal labor policies, internal labor regulations and codes of conduct and ethics.
  • Transactional employment and labor law.
  • Support for handling personnel investigations, including Anti-Corruption Practices investigations.
  • Prepare, negotiate and support with all types of terminations of employees and top executives, including downsizings.
  • Seminars and trainings for companies to comply with labor matters and employers’ obligations.
  • Consulting for companies with expatriates and foreign employees in Mexico, as well as international structures or policies.
  • Draft of restrictive covenants and agreements for employees (confidentiality, non-compete, non-solicitation and negative publicity).
  • Due diligence on employers’ obligations, including health and safety in the work environment.
  • Assessment for the compliance on Mexican Official Rules, related with employment matters.
  • Consulting for all kinds of companies that start operations in Mexico.
  • Drafting of employment contracts for employees and top executives.

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